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Pies & Pasties

Pork Pies
smallWholesale ork pies from Potters of Barnsley, South Yorkshire
medium( ½ lb)
large (1lb)
2lb *
Picnic *
Gala Pork Pies with egg (6lb) *

Individual Meat Pies
Steak & Kidney
Meat & Potato
Minced Beef & Onion
Chicken & Mushroom
Family Steak Pies – Round Plate Pie or Deep Filled Oblong Pie

Cornish Pasties (shortcrust ridgeback)Wholesale Cornish Pasties from Potters of Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Cheese & Onion (puff pastry)

Sausage Rolls
Standard Size – approx 5”
Party Size – approx 2”

Large Steak Squares *
Meat & Potato.

Marked into 30 portions or available unmarked to cut as required, if requested.

* these products are produced to order and require a min of 2 working days notice

Many of these products are also available frozen, unbaked on request.